Why Choose Pyke Mechanical?

Serving South Florida Since 1987

When weather is at its worst, cooling and heating systems have a way of breaking down during a sizzling summer heat wave or winter cold snap. It’s times like this when your comfort system must work the hardest, and also when you need it most.

At Pyke Mechanical, we can create a planned maintenance program that helps avoid these breakdowns, and protects and prolongs the life of your equipment. You can count on the staff and technicians at Pyke Mechanical to get the job done. Here is what we have to offer and what sets us apart from most companies:

Service Within Hours:

If your air conditioner breaks down, don’t panic; emergency technicians are on call day and night. Just call our service department and a technician will be promptly dispatched to your home or business. In fact, your AC or heating problem will usually be fixed within hours from the time you call. Customers holding service agreements receive priority consideration.

Service Technicians:

Pyke Mechanical, technicians are fully trained in all aspects of AC, heating and refrigeration equipment. We hire only top-quality, friendly and neat personnel.

Flat Rate Service:

It's crazy but true: some companies who charge by the hour make more money with low-skilled repairmen because they take more time and pay less. With our skilled service technicians, you only pay a low flat rate. You never pay for extra hours.

Better Service Guarantee:

Most companies only guarantee their service work for 30 days. With us, you get a 60-day guarantee for service repairs and a one-year guarantee (or more) on new equipment installation.

Expert Information:

A comfort consultant will perform a complete sizing, load and design analysis of your home or business for a custom installation at no cost or obligation.

One-Day Replacement:

If you want to replace your old AC or heating system, we will install a new system in one day.

Energy Savings:

Only about half the total efficiency of an AC or heating installation is a result of the equipment. The other half is the quality of the installation and proper maintenance. With regularly scheduled maintenance, your unit is certain to operate more efficiently and with much less power consumption.

Superior Follow-Through:

Your job doesn't end with the installation. You receive an Energy Savings Agreement for one year with a complete system installation.

Friendly to the Environment:

We reclaim and recycle refrigerants to reduce waste and environmental damage.


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